Thursday, August 21, 2008

St. George

So about 2 weeks ago I decided to take a trip to St. George I wanted to visit my friend Trish and I also wanted to get some NAET treatments. For those of you wondering what NAET is I will tell you to look it up because it's a bit difficult to explain but worth learning about. Anyway Josh was planning on being very busy with work so I thought 2 weeks on a mini vacation with just me and the girls would be fun.
First to try and make the trip a little easier I made Josh drive us first to Vegas then on to St. George. Then I had him shuttle back to Vegas to fly home. Josh still has nightmares about the tiny cramped shuttle where he almost had a panic attack due to his mild claustrophibia. We also decided to put Paige in a big car seat a bit early ( I know I'm a terrible mom) well this grand plan should have been tested first because Paige didn't really seem to enjoy the bigger seat. So when she cried, instead of having her back to us crying she was facing us with all of her lung capacity in our ears, which made driving a bit difficult. She cried on and off through out most of the trip to Vegas, I actually had to resort to sitting on the hump in the back seat and nursing her while she was strapped in, and while we were driving because the thought of pulling over and making the drive EVEN LONGER in the blistering heat was not an option.

We were very glad when we made it to Vegas we stayed with a good friend of mine from high school and her son Jake. Jake LOVED Lilly he couldn't get enough hugs, as a matter of fact he loved hugging her so much that when he decided to give a little snuggle too close to the stairs we heard a lot of thudding and then crying. They managed to hug themselves down the flight of stairs, and luckily no one was seriously injured I think the embrace actually helped.

Lilly also got her first haircut, my girlfriend is a hairdresser. As you can see she was not too happy about the cut but when it was almost over and I told her she would be getting a sucker for doing "such a good job" she seemed to be able to force out more of a smile.

The next day we headed out to St. George. That trip went much better since the girls both slept almost the whole way there. When we got to the condo I had rented off of craigslist well things took another little turn for the worst. The condo actually had NO windows in the living area. As you can see in the pictures it looks like it may be night time.........or is it???? Um ya... It looks like that at 7 in the morning too, it gives off quite a dungeon feel. The decor I think may have been picked up off of some body's lawn but I can't be too sure , oh and the smell though a little hard to describe I think it was a bit of old carpet, mixed with new paint, mixed with last centuries dinner left overs.
I was very proud of myself I did manage to vacum, disinfect a little, and get a tart burner.... thanks to my dear friend Trish and we did stay. Lilly Loved it there, I mean she was ready to move and live there forever, I on the other had never really got used to the smell so forever was too long for me.
This is the part I did not impress myself with, I only managed to make it a week in beautiful St. George. I thought Paige was at an age where I could handle doing everything on my own, but come to learn 10 months is really not a very easy age. Trish kept us busy all week which was awesome. We played at some really cool places like water parks, and jumping gyms. We outlet shopped and ate out at some favorite local spots. We spent a lot of time letting the kids play at Trish's house . Her two boys loved my two girls and they played great. Trish made us a few dinners and I got Sonic every single day. I made all my NAET appointments and by Friday I was exhausted, by Saturday I was already heading the 7 hours home.

Over all we had a really nice time, I learned a lot of life lesson's when it comes to traveling and kids, and next year we will try it again putting all those good lesson's to use.