Tuesday, November 3, 2009


The girls had a great Halloween. Grandma Sherry made the girls costumes and as always they turned out darling. Lilly wanted to be a Butterfly, so we made Paige a Bee. We went to trunk or treat with our church Friday night where the kids scored on Candy, and then went out around our neighborhood on Halloween where the kids got even more Candy. The worst part is there is only one person actually eating all the candy and that's me!!

Lilly before school on Friday.

Trunk or Treat.

Counting the candy at the end of the night.

Beach camping

We did a little Beach camping 2 weeks ago. We went to Carpinteria it's a great little beach down just South of Santa Barbara. Our camp site was pretty much right on the sand. We rented an RV an met the folks out there. Josh got to do a little surfing and the kids loved just going back and forth from our RV to Grandma and Grandpa's RV. We hit a few snags, the wind decided to kick up one day so needless to say we were cleaning sand out of everything including our kids. Also poor little Paigey caught a nasty cold so we had to leave a night early to get her some much needed rest.

The kids would get up and play on the beach in their P.Js

This was our campsite.... as soon as we walk out of the RV this is what we would see.
Breakfast in the morning.

Paige's Birthday

So the little nugget has turned 2, and I can't believe how fast time goes by with the second. We had a little family Birthday and then had a small party at the park. Some of my favorite things about my little 2 year old Paigey:
Her new favorite word " Disgusting"
Her big blue eyes
Her love for "snacks" what would I do with out them.
Her love for her sister. She has to do everything big sister does including eating vegetables (got to love that)

Digging right in.

She LOVES Elmo!


Well we really didn't have any big vacation plans for the summer so we ended up making a small trip to Vegas last minute with my family. The girls had a great time, we rented a little condo with the fam and they got to spend some time with their cousin who lives there. Josh and I decided to add 2 extra days to the trip and get a room at the Redrock. Great hotel, awesome pool, and fabulous room. We had some time to visit with some more friends and family who also live out there.

High school friends.

Hotel room at the Redrock.

A little fun at Chuck E Cheese!!

Can't go to Vegas and not do the M&M factory.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Grandma came for a visit, which is always so nice especially since Grandma is a very busy lady. She stayed for 2 days so we kept her busy, and loved having her.
The first night we took her to our favorite Mexican restaurant. The carne asada tacos are awesome.
The next day we went to the Quail Botanical Gardens, I have never been there before it was actually really cool, and the kids loved it.

Then we made Grandma give the kids a bath, and read stories before bed.
The next day we spent the morning shopping thanks to my wonderful Tuesday babysitter Stacey, and she was off after lunch. We miss her already.

My Mom just got back from a trip to Canada and brought back a few souvenirs from my home land. If ever you want delicious chips you have to try Old Dutch..... Ketchup is my favorite.

Some fun things

O.K so I've been on a bit of a costume jewelry kick lately, there is just such fun stuff out right now I thought I would share my new finds. Plus the best thing was none of these items were over 7 dollars.

Piano lessons

Well I decided to finally take piano lessons this summer, I found a wonderful teacher, and realized how much I did not appreciate how difficult it is to play this amazing instrument. Not that I thought it would be easy or anything, I think I just thought it wouldn't take me like 2 weeks to learn " Happy birthday to you" with basically only one hand. With that said it's been a lot of fun, even if I never learn how to read or play something substantial.

More wild life

I don't know what it is about our backyard this summer but birds seem to enjoy setting up camp here. We had more birds we BELIEVE decide to make a home on the roof of our house, we didn't actually see the nest. Only these birds did not like that they had to share the backyard with us. We couldn't go outside for a while or one of them would land a little too close for comfort, and proceed to chirp a what I would call a very angry sound. Even when some one would come to the door they would puff up and land on the tree in front of our door and chirp some more. It got to the point that if we even looked out our sliding glass window they would land on the girls picnic bench and yell at us. Josh of course begged for the go ahead to teach these birds who was boss around here, I of course said "No" since that would of involved being allowed to obtain some sort of shooting device, that would then of resulted in a very tragic outcome for the birds.

closet time

So I don't know what it is about my tiny, usually messy closet, but the girls love it in there..... especially Paige. When ever I'm in my bathroom trying to get ready the girls set up camp in the closet. Lilly covers Paige with my big winter jacket and pretends to read her stories, then puts her " night, night". Or they are climbing in laundry baskets and trying on my shoes. Hey at least it keeps them busy long enough for me to get ready.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Memorial / July 4th

I'm posting Memorial day I know it's been forever but I figured I'd just add this post in with Fourth of July. Every Memorial and fourth of July Josh's family puts on a big spread, they head out to La Jolla Shores early in the morning make breakfast burritos, and tons of other food and snacks, then we spend the day eating, playing in the water and sand. So Memorial little Paige was terribly sick and we couldn't stay long, plus the weather was not great. Fourth of July was much better we had happy girls, the weather was beautiful. We spent most of the day there and then Lilly went to stay with her cousins for 2 days. We ended the day going to friends to watch the fireworks and BBQ.

Can you tell she is not feeling so well!

Paige at home sick in bed.

The fourth....much better.

A little happier I think.

Lilly's older cousin letting little crabs crawl all over him. The kids thought it was awesome.

Daddy and his girls.