Sunday, March 1, 2009

What have we been up to?

So once again time has gone by so quickly and I have 2 months of blogging to catch up on. I'm really terrible at keeping up, and have found that when I do this it takes forever and I forget everything that was worth blogging about it the first place...... but I'm trying.

Well January I started a voice class at Grossmont college. The most terrifying class I have ever taken but has been really fun so far. A good outlet for me as a Mom.

We did a trip to Disneyland with much contention from Josh, which is kinda why I didn't take any pictures except this one before we left of us trying on Paige's new leash.....which she loved by the way, I mean what kid doesn't want a cuddly bear on their back.

Josh has spent time Teaching Lilly how to skateboard.

This is a shot from the inside.

Josh decided he was going to build an office in the garage...shhhh don't tell our HOA. He did a pretty good job, he had a little help from my Dad and some friends but for the most part did it all himself.

After Pics. He still has some finishing touches but it's up and running.

Valentines Day came and went. We really didn't do much Josh worked on the office and we went to a little valentine's party that night. Lilly however made Valentines card shopping memorable. The day before Valentines we were at target looking at cards for Josh, and she decided it would be a good time to ask me a question. So as we were surrounded by many other card shoppers she say's, and I quote " Mom......tell me about Jesus Christ" I saw a few laughing others just stared. I said " Not now honey we'll talk about him later"

We spent a weekend in Palm Dessert with some friends. Lilly played dress up on the car ride up, Paige cried.

Our good friends came to visit from St. George so we did the usually touristy stuff. First the Wild Animal park. Which I must add is a bit of a rip off. I mean if you don't have a season pass it's 9 bucks for parking, I don't even know how much to take the tour, and 3 dollars to feed the Lorrikeets 2 tablespoons of nectar.

Lilly couldn't get enough of the petting Zoo.

Paige was terrified, I think the deer were a little too big for her liking.

The next day we went to the zoo.Paige did a little better with the Goats.So that was our January and February, now it's March and I hope to be much better about posting this month.