Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We spent Thanksgiving in Morgan Hill at my brother in law's this year, we had a great time visiting family and spending time with our nieces. We had some fabulous dinner's besides the delicious turkey's my brother in law made. We also had an early friend and family Thanksgiving. Two awesome Thanksgiving dinners you can't beat that.
Watching a little family guy on Josh's phone.

Played a little rock Band.
Paige had a blast with Jaxon.

Turning 4

Lilly's Birthday with Family.

She loved her musical jewelery box, a great place for her " little things".

Paige upset she couldn't play with Lilly's new toys

Lilly had a combined birthday with her friend Carson at Pump it up. The kids had a blast a great place for a party.

The kids had to watch a safety video first, you would of thought they were watching their favorite Disney movie they were so glued to the T.V.

So I can't believe Lilly is already 4 where has the time gone. This year she had 2 party's one with family and one with friends. We're so lucky to have such good friends and family all close by. This last year Lilly has become such a fun little person to have around. She has had quite a big year with potty training, becoming a big sister, and starting preschool, all of which she has taken with stride. She is always singing, jumping, and telling stories we couldn't imagine a day with out hearing her sing " I Am A Child Of God" or saying " NO PAIGEY" or telling me "Relax Mom don't be ridiculous". I can't wait to see who she continues to become in the next year, hopefully it doesn't go by as fast as this one did.