Sunday, November 16, 2008

My talented Mom

My mom is in a contest check out her entry and vote if you can.

So I'm posting a little tribute to my very talented Mom "Arlene Kole"and also trying to help her with her dream. She is a wonderful singer/ Song writer, she has devoted her life to music and has a true gift for it. As far back as I can remember music was always a part of my life, whether it be going to band rehearsals, listening to her play in the basement, traveling on the road with the band to gigs, or just caroling at Christmas, I've always admired what my Mom does.
My Mom has just completed her first Album called "One Day" which you can find on iTunes, and after raising 3 kids is now trying to persue her dream to have her music heard. She is an example to me, and has taught me that you should never give up on what you believe in, and never stop trying. If you have a moment listen to her music it comes from her heart and I know it will touch yours.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kids owies

Poor Paige on Halloween night she fell in her room and hit the frame of our futon with her mouth. I've never seen so much blood. Her gums are all cut up, so much so it keeps her up at night, but luckily her teeth were o.k. You can see her swollen lip which is nothing compared to what's underneath, needless to say not a picture she was willing to pose for.

Lilly also had an owie but not quite as severe, as a matter a fact we could barely even see it but we had a good laugh asking her to show us.


Paige went as Dorothy but wouldn't carry the basket and her ruby slippers were too big. Still cute though.
We went to our friend Teri's neighborhood Halloween carnival, the kids had a great time.
Lilly's craft at her school Halloween party....she's quite good with a glue stick.

Our friends had a piƱata filled with treats...... I've never seen her so excited.

Halloween this year was so much fun. Lilly loved dressing up she couldn't stop talking about her Little red riding hood costume Grandma Sherry made. The week consisted of 2 Halloween carnivals, her first school Halloween party, our friends Halloween party, and then working the neighborhood trick or treating.