Sunday, January 4, 2009

Paige's Lullaby

A Month of blogs

Well I haven't been able to make the time to blog since November, and December felt so crazy this year so I'm posting a months worth of picture's to try and catch up.

Photo shoot for Christmas pictures

Setting up the Christmas tree. The girls played in the tree box forever.

Lilly's school Christmas party.

Lilly sad because she didn't think her reindeer ears " fit good"
Happy after her friend Emmy came along to take a picture.

Santa Claus at the Huish's house
There were early x-mas presents there. Lilly loved her princess crown.
Paige just loved her Candy Cane.
The Huish's Had a snow blower in the back yard so it really looked like it was snowing.

Lilly's toy from Santa, not surprising it's so small...the smaller the better when your Lilly.

Lilly did get a larger present, it was a doll house. All though Paige had other ideas as to what it was for.

Christmas Eve at Josh's moms house. Lilly enjoyed playing with all her cousins.

Christmas day at my family's house.

The kids had a great time.