Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Memorial / July 4th

I'm posting Memorial day I know it's been forever but I figured I'd just add this post in with Fourth of July. Every Memorial and fourth of July Josh's family puts on a big spread, they head out to La Jolla Shores early in the morning make breakfast burritos, and tons of other food and snacks, then we spend the day eating, playing in the water and sand. So Memorial little Paige was terribly sick and we couldn't stay long, plus the weather was not great. Fourth of July was much better we had happy girls, the weather was beautiful. We spent most of the day there and then Lilly went to stay with her cousins for 2 days. We ended the day going to friends to watch the fireworks and BBQ.

Can you tell she is not feeling so well!

Paige at home sick in bed.

The fourth....much better.

A little happier I think.

Lilly's older cousin letting little crabs crawl all over him. The kids thought it was awesome.

Daddy and his girls.

Preschool graduation.

Lilly graduated from Preschool, which I thought was so cute. She had such a fun time in school, and was always so sad if she couldn't go. The teachers were wonderful and really made her first year of school a positive and enjoyable experience. Her class was a program where she had the opportunity to be a peer student to children with special needs. Most of the kids had a form of a learning disability, some students were more severe then others. Lilly was so good to all the other kids, she was friends with everybody, and learned to be more understanding and patient then she already is. My hat goes of to the teachers and Aids in her classroom who spend so much time and effort in their job, and really to a fantastic job.

National Geographic

Well it's been our own little discovery channel over here, we had a sweet little Humming Bird make a nest on our patio lights, and lay 2 eggs. We weren't sure how she would do on top of the little light with out much protection, so that's we started keeping an eye on her. When we realized there were eggs we began taking pictures, and checking her nest every time she would leave for food waiting for the two birdies to hatch. Sure enough a 2 or so weeks later there they were.

Week One.

Week Two.

Week Three.

One gone.
Bye Bye Birdie.

Fun Humming Bird facts: They have no sense of smell.
They are always 2 eggs in a nest.
After hatching, the birds will fly in about 21 days