Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun at Grandma's

Well Grandma's house was fun as usual. Lilly had a great time and was so good for us while we were there. We had a great park afternoon, the kids had a blast and we got lots of cool pictures. Lilly loved spending time with the Kole family....and of course so did we!

swim lessons

So Lilly started her first swim lesson last week and did very well. The teacher went easy on her since she is terrified of getting her face wet. Well we went to our second lesson this last Tuesday and the teacher wasn't so easy on her this time, she made her put her face in the water and helped her swim to the edge. So the first time I was watching in the window she looked up at me with worry when she was done, but I smiled and waved so she gave me a smile and waved back. The next time she went under she got to the edge with a little more worry on her face, looked at me I smiled again this time taking her a little longer to smile back. Well I actually missed the last dunk since I was dealing with Paigey but all the sudden I look at her through the window, and she begins to cry along with uncontrollable shivers, she did NOT want to go under the water again. When the teacher came back to her she screamed at her and gave her the hand. So after the lesson we had a long talk about how Miss Rebecca ( her teacher) was just trying to help her learn how to swim, and wouldn't let anything happen to her. She seemed o.k the rest of the day but last night after I put her to bed I heard crying in her room, I went in and asked why she was crying? she then began to tell me she did not want to go to swim lessons she "had enough going" and did not want me to take her back. After a lot of discussing she finally went back to sleep. Our next lesson should be a joy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Paige on solids

As Most of my friends know Lilly was a terrible breast feeder, she never really liked it, as a matter of fact gave it up at 11 months on her own, and was taking formula for half her feedings by like 4 months. So before Paige was born all I wanted was her to be a good breast feeder. well watch what you wish for cause that's about the only food she is interested in. She wont take a bottle, and despite the picture's which look like she is enjoying solids, it's been about a month now and most baby food she spits out, or won't open her mouth for.
Also as you notice Paige has 2 teeth on the bottom which she got at exactly 4 months. She also has her 2 top teeth which she got before 6 months......makes breast feeding ALL THE TIME even more fun.


Easter was a lot of fun this year. Lilly was actually excited about hunting for Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny coming to our house. We did some egg decorating for the first time which was cool, I haven't decorated eggs since I was a little girl.

Then we had the Konold annual Easter hunt was a lot of fun too. Josh's grandpa has the event catered which I believe was done by Josh's mom this year, and of course the food was great. There are a lot of kids and the number's grow each year, but it is really fun to get family and cousins together then watch them play and hunt for eggs. At the end of the hunt we try and get a picture with all the kids, it was pretty hot that day and as you can see Lilly was not happy about having to hold her sister during the photo shoot.


Well Lilly has her official first pet! He is a beta fish and they are suppose to live through just about anything and easy to maintain, which is good since I refused to do any of the care taking. It was Daddy's idea to get a fish in the first place.
Anyway we asked Lilly to give him a name, and on her own she came up with Hinkel. She now has breakfast almost every morning with little Hinkel and insists that he love's her very much.

Oakley's Birthday

So according to Josh, since I had to miss most of the party, my very creative friend Amber had a treasure hunt for her son Oakley's pirate themed birthday. I guess Lilly thought that was just the cooliest thing, she was so into the map and finding treasure she talked about it for weeks afterwards. She of course kept her found treasure of fake gold and gems every where she went.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Poop crumbs

So Lilly has been struggling with pooping in the toilet, she had one painful experience and now it's a constant fight to get her to go at all. Anyway tonight I convinced her to go in her pull up because I knew she was trying to hold it, finally she went and we dumped it in the toilet. I made her sit on the toilet after so I could wipe her bottom, and as I was cleaning she asked me if I got all the " poop crumbs off" I said " POOP CRUMBS did your Dad teach you that?" Which naturally I assumed he did, she said no Mama that's what it looks like crumbs.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lilly and the tooth Fairy

So Lilly and I were sitting at the kitchen counter talking about the dentist because her little friend just had an appointment, and I started telling her that pretty soon she would need to see the dentist and have her teeth checked also. Some how we got on the topic of how our teeth grow in and how they fall out. I told her that some day her baby teeth would fall out and when they do the tooth fairy would come. Well you should have seen her face....her eyes wide, her mouth open, she wanted to know more. I told her that after her tooth falls out she can put it under her pillow and the then the tooth fairy will come, and then I said "do you know what she does?" instantly she eagerly responds with "What she does" Then I mentioned money would be left in place of her tooth and she could buy what she wanted with her tooth fairy money. Well she already has a list of things she plans to buy and was checking for loose teeth the whole day.