Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Memorial day

Well Memorial day at the beach was a bust this year it was too cold so Josh and I thought it would be fun to just have everyone come to our house this year. Josh's family brought most of the delicious food and it was nice to all get together. Minus a few family members who were of course missed, we had about 20 plus people in our little was great.

Sea World

So Seaworld has changed their kids area to a Sesame Street theme. Some of the characters do a little show and then go to an area where the kids can get hugs and pictures. Well Lilly LOVED this. Ever since we went to Disney Land a few months ago and she got to hug some Disney characters, she cant wait to get her arms around a stranger in a hot, heavy, furry animal suit.
My Best friend from St. George came to visit with her two sons. Gavin is A little younger than Lilly and they get along great, they had a blast playing in the water at Sea World, I only wish they lived closer.


Camping was a blast. We of course had a 35 foot motorhome filled with all the comforts of home including a flat screen t.v so we weren't exactly roughing it, but I think even with out all that it still would have been a lot of fun.
Lilly Loved staying in our "new home" as she called it. As a matter of fact she cried when we had to come back to our " old home" being our house. She enjoyed sleeping in her "cubby" all though I don't know why since she fell out of it every night.
I had never been beach camping before it was great. We went to the beach every day, made smores and talked by the camp fire at night... it was cool.
My mom, Ilse, and my Nephew Teegan came and stayed a day it was so nice to have them there. We also had some friends of ours and their 3 year old son stay with us, which was awesome to have another little one for Lilly to play with.
Overall we had a a really fun time I only wish we could have stayed longer.