Thursday, February 2, 2012

We made it!

So the flights have gone off almost with out a hitch. Josh did pack his shampoo and conditioner on our carry on which made security take a bit longer, but the airline checked our bag in for free so not too bad.
We had the best airport food on our stop in Honolulu, which I forgot to take a picture of since we were starving from only getting cheese and fruit plates on the plane * note to self pack our own lunches when flying Alaska, snacks and cheese only go so far on a 5 1/2 hour flight.
We had a smooth flight to Kauai rented a sweet Mini Van which may or may not have a rodent living in it. We stopped at Walmart for supplies which brings me back to the rodent. We bought some bread and when we took it out of the bag tonight something had eaten part of it and ripped holes in the bag.... I figure that can't be good since I know I didn't buy it that way and it didn't ever leave the car????
Anyway finally made to the condo after our friends so thoughtfully had dinner waiting for us knowing how tired we would be. The girls explored the place like cats and went to bed, now I'm waiting to crash since it's 12:30am California time. looking forward to some time at the beach tomorrow and my parents flying in.