Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Paige's Birthday

I had to Show Lilly's one year Birthday you can see the much more crazed look on Paige's face when it comes to eating cake, and she actually was a lot cleaner too.

Well this post should of come a lot sooner since we did celebrate Paige's birthday on the first, but our little baby is now a whole year old. My has the time gone by fast, she has been walking for almost 2 months, she says multiple words, has 9 teeth, and her smile and baby blue's just brighten my world. As I know every Mom says this about their child "We are blessed to have her in our lives" So though I often say how I wish she were a little older, maybe a little better sleeper, and some times less curious, I'm trying to enjoy every moment because I do realize how fast it all goes by.
Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

All right so I haven't decided if it's a curse or a blessing that the majority of the friends I know are extremely organized.
One of my Birthday gifts this year from my 2 dear friends Teri and Jessica was to organize my kitchen........ Now I know what your thinking a little embarrassing that that's a gift your friends feel the need to give you, but as I open the door to humiliation more and show my cabinets, you will probably agree it's a fabulous gift for me. The truth is I have been complaining about how there is no room in my kitchen for anything. Every drawer is too small or not deep enough, every cupboard is oddly shaped or again too small. So I really wanted to go through and get things organized, but when do you find the time to pull everything out and go through it all, then put it all back in a proper fashion. It also doesn't help having a one year old who hardly naps, and gets into everything. Well that's where my friends come into the picture, not only have they bought items for organizing my kitchen, they are also coming over this week to do the organizing..... something believe me they are both VERY good at, and I'm very grateful for.
Anyway I wanted to document my kitchen before and then post the after so I have memory of this occasion, and what great friends I have.
Thanks for the wonderful gift " that keeps on giving"

"Happy Birthday to me"

So turning 31 has been a blast... I had a great birthday this year. I'm so fortunate to have so many fun, beautiful, caring friends to celebrate turning a year older with. Friday night was a girls night out we all went to the Hash House, which was awesome I had been thinking about their cream Italian sodas for a week, and it was everything I hoped it would be. We had mad portions of food and then headed out for some dessert at "pink Berry" . I stuffed myself silly and still came home and ate my Birthday brownies my dear friend Jessica made me. Of course the best part was the company.

Saturday was my actually birthday and my sweet husband did awesome in the present department. He picked out the cutest sweat shirt, and topped it off with a beautiful pair of earing's and matching necklace. I got to sleep in, breakfast made for me, we went furniture shopping, which is a gift in itself if you know how much my husband hates it. Then My wonderful in laws came over to babysit while we were invited to attend a Gala at the children's museum downtown. There was good food which we missed due to my 2nd born and her not wanting to go to sleep, but made it in time for a private concert with Pat Benatar..... an oldie but goody. Then we had some fabulous homemade doughnuts for dessert, and of course the night out with good friends and no kids.
Overall a fantastic Birthday weekend, I couldn't of asked for anything better.

My Husband's Present.