Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Girls

Since we haven't had too much excitement around here I thought I would do a little update on Lilly and Paige.

Lilly is 3 1/2 and such a character. She is so fun to be around. She always wants to play picnic, and make me something to eat...... with plastic food of course.
She cannot wait to go to school, she is so excited to play with new friends and new toys.
She is quite independent. We were at a friends little girls birthday party and she wanted nothing to do with me, she would find any other adult or kid to talk to before coming up to me. She also has no reservations about asking for someone to get her extra cake, pizza, or chips when I'm not looking.
She still carries all her "little things" as she calls them, in purses or any other container she may find.
She adores Daddy, can't wait for Josh to get home from work every day and go see if there are any tomatoes to pick in the garden.
She is so bright and thoughtful, she is always saying " I love you mom" and takes very good care of her little sister so she doesn't eat anything too small. We definitely have our moments but the good always out way any bad, I so enjoy having her around.

I do also have to mention as seen in these pictures, she must have specific toys in her bed at nap time. They do vary on occasion but as of right now there are quite a few. The pictures above are 2 different days. The first day she had them all set up just so, the next day not so much!

Paige is now almost 10 months old and the time has really gone by fast. She has 5 teeth and more trying to come in. She still smiles constantly although she is starting to get a bit feisty. If you try to take something she wants, or move her from where she was playing she will scream at you, and even try to get a little hit in some where.

She babbles all day long and loves to say "uh oh" especially when Daddy says it first.
She is still a CRAZY nurser. Just to let you know how much she loves to nurse, we were at Seaworld the other day in the Shamu show, totally packed stadium and she wanted to eat so I nursed her during the show. There was constant clapping, whales jumping, music ringing, and the crowd in unison saying "Shamu, Shamu" and she didn't lift her head up once.

She also loves big sister they play together all the time in Lilly's room. Usually she is just being taunted by her sister. The game Lilly thinks is a hilarious is to wave something in front of Paige's face and then rip it away when she tries to get it, but hey.... it gives me a break, and it won't be long before Paige is big enough to get her back right!!!

So I have to say this experience so far with kid number 2, though hard at times has been a real blessing I couldn't of asked for a sweeter, happier baby.

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We spent the day at La Jolla Shores on the fourth and had so much fun. Both kids loved it. They each had their first experience boogie boarding, which will probably be their last for a while. Paige LOVED the sand, and wanted to be in the water every chance she got. Josh got to do a little surfing as did I. We also had fantastic food. Josh's Mom and friends make awesome breakfast burritos, and chicken fajitas. So the day is filled with eating and enjoying all the beach has to offer.
I hope everyone else had a good 4th!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maren's Shower

My good friend Maren is close to having her second baby and we wanted to have a very special shower for her since she has been such a wonderful friend to us. My very creative friend Amber and I were in charge of the planning, and with the help of some other great friends I think she was happy with the outcome.
We decided to have it in my backyard which was nice since we haven't been using it much, and it was a great excuse to get Josh back there to clean it up. Thanks to my catering mother-in-law we had an awesome dinner, which looked very professional. I rented a few belly up tables, linens, and We threw in some lights and decorations. Amber did some beautiful center pieces and made the coolest diaper cake gift for Maren, plus allowed me to take some credit for it. I think over all everything turned out really nice. So I wanted to share some pictures, and truly thank everyone who was offering and there to help.